Thursday, March 3, 2011

Copps Run 03/02

I didn't need much this week, I just wanted to grab some fruit (they were out of apples-sight!) and other things I thought it was an ok price. On a side note,  I find it funny how the cashiers think I'm sick when I don't do more than one transaction. And even more how they are so shocked If I ever pick up something without a coupon. I love my cashiers at Copps, they are so nice and they crack me up, they even hand me a great coupon for the m&m yesterday! Here is what I got yesterday (remember it was double daze yesterday so my coupons doubles)

3 Bags of Tostitos ($1.99) $5.97
2 Ritz Crackers ($2.29) $4.58
1 M&M Fun Pack $1.25
2 Oscar Mayer Bacon $5.00
1.80 lb Bananas $0.88
2 Dozen Roundy's Eggs $1.98
2 Gallons of Milk $5.00
1 pack of Cheese $2.00

Subtotal : $26.66
Coupons : Store coupon Bacon $1.04
                 Store coupon Mars   $0.37
                 Milk coupon $1.00/2(d)
                 Ritz coupon $1.00/2(d)
                 Bacon coupon $1.00(d)
                 Mars coupon $1.00(d)
                 Eggs coupon $0.55/2 (d)
                 Chips coupons $0.55 * 3
                 Free Milk coupon $3.25
                 Free Eggs coupon $1.75
                 Bags Credit $0.25

Total : $9.25 for $34.35 worth of food. Saved $25.10 (73%)

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