Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woodman's Cheap Finds

I went to Woodman's to take a quick peek at what they had and found :

Better Oats Revolution $0.79
Use Buy One Get One Free Facebook Offer
Final Price: $0.39 each

Newmans Own Organic Popcorn 3 pk. $1.49
Use $1.00/1 any Newmans Own product Facebook Offer
Final Price: $ 0.49 each

Pull Ups Soft Pack 42 ct $1.79
Use $1.00/1 any Pulls Ups Wipes printable
Final Price: $0.79 each

Earthbound  Organic Green Onions $1.39
Use $0.75/1 any earthbound attached to products
Final Price: $0.64 each Great Price for Organic!

Organic Strawberries $3.39 for 1lb pack. Strawberries are really expensive rigth now and it's really hard to find good ones.These  is how much regular strawberries are at Copps and Target  and they don't look as great at these ones. If only pictures could transfer smell.. the aroma was pure bliss!Look how great they look.

And last Basil, I haven't bought Basil since the Farmer Market packed their tents. A really ridiculous tiny 0.5 oz pack is price at more than $3.50 at Copps and Target, here I found the Organic Mariposa 2 oz pack $2.79 each. You can always blend it and save it in an Ice cube tray to use later for pastas or salsas!

Keep your eyes open for the Woodman's flyer it's packed with manufacturer and store coupons that you can always stack with manufacturer coupons. By the way Woodman's does not accept Free product printables otherwise all coupons up to $3.00 in value.

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