Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So what do I love about Copp's? Well, they double the face value of 5 of your manufacturer coupons (up to $1.00) on Wednesday's and Saturday's.

First of all you need to sign up for their store card. You can do that by going to customer service, you will need to scan your card every time you check out.

To be elegible for doubling you need to purchase $25 in sale price value but registers are programmed to double when your shelf price value total is $25. Although you  can double only 5 coupons per transaction you may use as many as you want per item. Also you can make multiple transactions during that day, of course I wouldn't recommend making more than 4 per day and 2 per time. That way you won't hold the line and the cashier's will love you even more. Plus no one wants to wait forever for someone to finish their transactions, right?

Copp's hasn't come out with a formal coupon policy but this is what I've learned so far:
  • You can stack coupons, this means that you can use a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon.
  • You can use one manufacturer coupon per item.
  • Free products coupons printed from the internet won't be accepted. It's discretion of your store manager If they will accept a "Buy One  Get One Free" coupon.
  • Coupons that say "Do not Double" will double if the barcode starts with 5.
  • Copps will give you 0.05 credit per recyclabe bag you bring.
  • Some store will take RR (Walgreens Register Rewards) since they are manufacturer coupon and have similar wording to the Catalinas printed at the store. E.g "Save $5.00 on your next purchase courtesy of Manufacturer's Name"
They also have Fuel Perks Rewards where they offer a discount of $0.05 cents/gallon on participating BP's Gas Stations every time you spend $50.

The other Rewards program they currently have is The Baby Rewards Club were you earn $10 off after purchasing $100 in participating baby products; some of they are Aquaphor, Aveeno Baby, Baby Orajel, Desitin,Enfamil , Gerber, Huggies, Johnson & Johnson, Learning Curve, Luvs, Mam, Munchkin, Pampers, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Playtex, Sassy,Similac, Wet Ones.This discount applies automaticly after you have earn the reward so beware about  planning your next transaction.The Baby Rewards club will be running till July 9, 2011 but I'm crossing my fingers that it will be extended.

That's about it , Hope you have a good time while shopping at Copp's.

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