Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Shopping : 02/26 and Why Rainchecks are Great.

So  Today I only had an hour to shop and I went to Cvs and Target.

My Cvs run:
I had some coupons burning a hole in my coupon file, they were about to expire and I had a raincheck to go along with them but my Cvs had been sold out of the product for weeks. I usually shop on Saturday because my store changes offers that day so I'm usually able to get this week's and next week's sales, they also have better stock this day since they have replenish what they sold from this week and their inventory for the next week is high.This is what I got in 2 transactions:

3 Mars Chocolate Single Pack $3.00
2 boxes of Kashi $6.00
2 boxes Crest Pro Health Sensitive Shield $3.98 on clearance
6 12 pack Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper $30.00 ($5.00 each - price of raincheck)
Subtotal : $42.98

Coupons used:
$5/30 purchase (Cvs emailed me this one last week, remember most Cvs take their store expired coupons up to a month)
$6.00 Scott Extra Soft ($1/1 Scott Extra Soft)
$2.00 Crest Pro Health ($1/1 P&G $100 Coupon Book)
$6.00 Kashi cereal 9 ($3.00/3)
$1.00 Mars ( Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
$2.00 Cvs Candy coupon( Crt)

Total :  $20.98 , Paid with $20.98 Extra Bucks. My tax was $1.66
I end up receiving $9.58 Extra Bucks from advertised sales (1Eb from Mars, 2 Eb from Kellogg's and 6.58 Eb from Crest) and $10.00 from the rainchek.^

Second Transaction:
2 Scott  Paper Towel $10.00
2 Scott Mega $10.00
Subtotal:  $20.00

Coupons used :
$4.00/ $20.00 Store purchase (Cvs emailed me this one this week)
$4.00 Scott products ($1/1 Scott products)
$5.00 wyb 1 Scott Toilet paper and $1 Paper Towel  Cvs coupon(Crt)
Total $7.00. Paid with $7.00 Extra Care Bucks. My tax was $0.88
End up receiving $10.00 Extra Care Bucks from the raincheck.^

So in total I spent $2.54 in cash and  $27.98 in Extra Bucks. I end up receiving $29.58 in Extra Care Bucks! I saved $125.63!

 ^ The raincheck was for  Buy $25 in Scott paper towel or Toilet paper (24ct)  and Get $10 off (Limit2) but my store doesn't carry the 24 ct toilet paper so they sold me the 12 count for $5.00 each. Always as for rainchecks not only  it secures the offer when a product is sold out but you might even get a better deal If a better coupon shows up or you get a good Crt.
Also the Crest pro Health Sensitive Shield on clearance for $1.99 is printing the $3.29 Extra Bucks!

My Target Run:

I had 2 $5 Gift Cards to play with. I made 3 separate transactions:

7  Boxes of Ore Ida french fries $6.93
10 Sobe Life water $10.00
Subtotal: $16.93.
Used $5.00 in coupons ( 5 Free Sobe Lifewater coupons)
Paid with $10 GC.
Total : $1.93

7 Banquet Meals $7.17
7 Market Pantry Burritos $5.88
Subtotal: $13.05. Paid with $10 GC
Total: $3.05

1 Van de kamps $3.90
6 Tony's Pizzas $6.00
7 Birds Eye's $7.91
Subtotal: $17.81
Used $3.00 Tony's Pizzas ($1.00/2 manufacturer), $2.00 Birds Eye ($1.00/3 manufacturer) and $ 1.79 Birds Eye ( Buy Van de Kamp's Get ! Birds Eye Free up to $2.00 value)
Paid with $10 GC
Total: $1.02

So in total I spent $6.00 and I still got my $10 in GC I started with. I saved $47.05 (88.7%)

What I did is usually called "Rolling" and it's done to reduce your out of pocket and still keep the same amount in GC,Catalinas, ExtraBucks or Register Rewards.


  1. Wow, that's great.This week I saved $14.00 on my first trip with coupons. Still lot's to learn.

  2. Any start is always a good one, as long as you are taking the steps to become a better and frugal shopper. Hang in there, in no time you will see the differenec thsi makes in your pocket.Good Luck!