Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Extra Care Bucks and Cvs

First thing you need to do is get  their members Extra Care card, you can sign up for it online or at the store, just ask your cashier. The card is free and gives you access to special sale prices and enables you to receive the Extra Bucks. Once you got your card you will need it every time you are checking out.

Extra Bucks are earned through promotions when you buy certain quantity of products. This products do not need to be purchased on one transaction, you can always divide it and your tally will print at the end of your receipt. The total amount is calculated before coupons and you can always use other Extra bucks to pay for your transaction (this is called rolling).

The Extra Bucks will print at the end of your receipt and its value depends on the promotion. You need to treat them as you would cash. You can purchase anything from the store except for prescriptions, alcohol, Gift Cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products. They will never give you cash back when spending your Extra Bucks but they can be price modified from their face value to match your total before taxes. They will expire 4 weeks from the day printed but most CVS are flexible about taking expired Extra Bucks.

CVS takes one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item even when buying a Buy One Get One Free Promotion. Store coupons are found online , they can be emailed to you and they will also print on the bottom of your receipt .You can also find a a red machine at the store where you can scan your card and it will print more store coupons.(this are called crts).You might be able to find a CVS magazine called Reinventing Beauty which also carries a couple of coupons.( I haven't seen distributing them in the Wi area)

In my opinion CVS is easier to shop than Walgreens mainly because it allows you to but one products with as many Extra Bucks you got. I have fun shopping there and the cashier are very coupon friendly.

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