Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did I mentioned I love Target?

Target is my favorite store to shop. Two years ago their coupon policy was almost non existent, their cashiers were misinformed and their store coupons were of unlimited prints (those were the good old days when you wouldn't leave the store without a little drama) .

Nowadays their coupon policy is right on their website , you can find their coupons online, through mail and by phone ; also cashiers are more coupon friendly than before. You will always bump into someone that is not as informed but it's your right to carry your own copy of their store policy with you for these cases.

Target recently launched their Red card savings where you save 5% of your total after coupons when paying with the card.
And If that wasn't enough to convince you to shop at Target they also offer Price Match.

Essentially their coupon policy states that they take one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon for a single item unless one of them prohibits it.

Target also has special purchases when they will offer you a Gift card when you buy certain products  and yes you can always use coupons along with the promotion.
 That's pretty much it, I hope you will enjoy shopping at Target as much as I do and while you are there don't forget to check the end caps for their clearance items.

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